A love affair with skateboarding

A love affair with skateboarding

NAME: Jules Von Chacha

ORIGIN/BIRTH: 1988 Paris, France

CURRENT LOCATION: Bangalore, India.

STARTED SKATING: At the age of 26

Life before skating: Working in bars and hotels in Paris

Why skateboarding of all sports?
Skateboarding is one of those sports when the freestyle style comes in, there are  no rules.... Skateboarding have goals, but once you reached that one there are one after the another.... it  is never ending process that’s what seduced me. You cannot be bored of Skateboarding.

What are your favorite moves?
Street... I like to skate rails, stairs.... I like to jump higher and which is   fine  because I am afraid of heights. When you in the air you get these kicks..... You know you're so much focused and then fear kicks in and all your injury centers into one thing.  When you're in the air everything becomes slow motion.... Like everything stops.... That's what I like.

Your biggest inspiration
My wife Anisha, Gautham, my friend Happy... last but the least the kids whom I teach

Favorite moment while skating
Early morning when I skate. Around 6 when the park opens and nobody is there except the cleaning lady. With the first ray of the sun, you feel so energetic and peaceful...
Another will be the moment when you learn a trick... you spend  so much time trying something, you hurt yourself... you fall, then after 50 and 100 tries you learn it will be my best moments while skating.


How long do you practice every day?
I usually don’t force myself... but I practice 6 to 8 hours per day...then I take  classes

Ever thought of giving up over frustration....
Frustrations are part of this sport. Skateboarding will teach you how to transcend all these emotions into a heavy source of energy. If you use this frustration and calm yourself and you just focus...  with  time it helps you to  understand yourself better.

Your relationship with your skateboard It’s your best friend, it’s your worst enemies, it’s a tough love

Favorite city for skating : Varanasi... Best place I saw. Insanely rough but beautiful set of stairs everywhere... and then Bangalore

When you’re not skating...
Editing videos with my wife.... cooking, filming friends, reading.

Love to read...
Quantum physics, mechanics and how they  relate to skateboarding.  I study physic to improve my skateboarding and it worked already.

Fit the word ATTIITUDE with Skateboarding
Everybody has its own personality, an attitude . In skateboarding, you have to keep it real as your attitude. You have to keep it raw and make it happen that my attiitude... ''Don’t talk show more''

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