Ever since I can remember I know I’ve been wanting to go to Jog falls. A few years back I was browsing Google and there was this one photograph that caught my eye, it was a waterfall and all I can remember is spending about an hour or so researching about the waterfall I saw moments ago, trying to figure out where it was located—finally I was able to come across some hints that it was from a place called Jog falls. It is the 2nd highest waterfall in India located in the state of Karnataka

When Attiitude chose Jog falls for the next location to shoot its new collection , it was an opportunity worth waiting for. It was a day affair with Adonias Fonseca, the Brazil Freestyle Football Champion aka our brand ambassador and French skateboarder Jules Von Chacha.

Jog falls. It makes you spellbound as you move from place to place, your eyes overloaded by all you’re seeing. “How could such a tiny place have such a diverse and beautiful landscape?” you think to yourself. Jog falls is best viewed during monsoon, the mist brings in the magic as we see the second-highest plunge waterfall in India dropping from a height of 830 feet. There was a lot of drama in that falls, the water the fog and the lush green across the area. It was love at first sight for our models and brands ambassadors. They were awestruck by the beautification are purity of jog falls. No question it is one of nature’s best.

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