The Fashion Star-Zayn Malik

The Fashion Star-Zayn Malik

He may no longer be a part of the iconic band One Direction, but Zayn Malik was arguably the most stylish and fashion-conscious amongst the group. Often pushing the boundaries and challenging dress codes, Zayn made his style of dressing look effortless.

Sticking with one shade, black, and opting for fitted clothing with over sized tees, he gives off a rock star look effortlessly. We’ve put together a quick checklist as to how you can achieve this look too.

All Black is the new Black

An all-black outfit is incredibly minimalistic and when it’s achieved, it can give you a perfect grunge and underground look but get it wrong and you could be looking like a funeral.

The important rule when dressing all in black is to ensure that all of your clothing has a different hue and a slightly different shade; wearing one colour is a simple no-go.


The Boy in the Hood

Hoodies are no longer the sign of would-be robber and all-round wrongful, it has taken the leap of fashion to the most comfortable staple in every man’s wardrobe. But choosing the right hoodie according to your body type and the occasion is important. Check how Malik is styling his favourite hoodies.

The right Hair

In true millennial fashion, Malik seemingly can’t stick with a hairstyle for longer than a few weeks at a time. Not that it does his style. Zayn’s array of hairstyles over the past couple of years has included one-time signature quiff, a man bun, a bleached blonde buzz cut, an undercut with a hot pink quiff up top, a textured blonde quiff, and now a buzz cut with a hard parting. And he’s worn each so expertly, that we’ve followed suit in our droves – and with varying degrees of success.

Step into his Shoe.

Another way in which Zayn adds a twist to his wardrobe is his footwear. He lets his retro trainers or grungy boots speak for themselves. Just like his killer shirt did before hand, his footwear does this too.

If you love Zayn's style go to and get the latest street style fashion for yourself. Till then keep reading our blog. 

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