The Modern Man Style - Jared Leto in focus

The Modern Man Style - Jared Leto in focus

Wearing your mind and making a statement is Attiitude.  And when talking about making bold statement few men take as many style risks as Jared Leto.  The singer/director/actor Leto has always managed to stand apart from the crowd. Which of course explains his off-beat wardrobe. He’s been the skinny-jeaned rocker, the vest-rocking beefcake, worn tie-dye co-ords to Coachella and switched his hair up. Leto always rolls the dice. If you are screaming for changes and tired of your wardrobe, here are the Leto’s latest style that you can adopt. Get inspired boys!!!

Style #1. When in doubt, wear your leather jacket The leather jacket is a blessing to the fashion world. From a morning look to a night affair, from clubbing to bike ride leather jacket will always be the one. The most versatile takes are black with a few biker embellishments: asymmetric zip, yes; gang logo in studs on the back.  But if you dare, you can go crazy on colors, pockets or even embellishment.

  Style #2. The retro man What goes around come around! The retro look is one thing in fashion that always finds its way back. But Leto has a sharp eye for some long lost trends, which was once in vogue. Yes, we are talking about  Tie-dye, Hawaiian prints, Skater belts, Bumbags etc. He definitely knows how to keep it relaxed and stylish at the same time.

Style #3. In detailing The red carpet is always the platform to show off your style.  For men, since everyone’s dressed the same, wear a different shade of black, or a diamond-shaped bow tie, suddenly came Jared Leto Into which, in a flower necktie and serpent slip-on, a lavender dinner jacket, or even whitetails, complete with a cane. Who said men don’t have much to style... think again

  Style #4. The outwear Story There’s a timeless style lesson to be learned here – invest in good outerwear. Over the years Leto has juggled between double-breasted dusters, full-length wool overcoats, sporty bombers, even fur-lined parkas. But they work because he teams them with otherwise muted outfits. It’s the perfect remedy for both morning and night look. If you feel like mixing things up, add a scarf or a light trench.

Style #5 The statement look Making a statement need the right attiitude. You should trust yourself and be confident. Pick one statement piece and tone down the rest of the look to avoid being called a clown.

Style #6 Sportswear trend Gym-wear is now every-wear, which means if you hit your fits and fabrics – tapered from thigh to ankle and thicker wool or cotton than you’d have worn to PE – they go anywhere you’d wear a chino, dressed up with a bomber or button-down and down with a tee or vest. We like his smart moves the monochrome look as a backdrop for statement kicks: everything from jacket to vest to checkerboard Vans.

Style #7 The shoes theory When it comes to shoe art Leto steals the shoe. From chanel cow boy boots to chevron smoking flats, to Christian Louboutin 'Officier' loafers.  Carefull if you are dealing with statements shoes make sure to keep the rest of the look minimal.


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