The Winner of 'Cricketer with Attiitude' award by Cricket Graph - Harsh Tank

The Winner of 'Cricketer with Attiitude' award by Cricket Graph - Harsh Tank

Attiitude is an international apparel brand, based out of London, United Kingdom with another office in Bengaluru, India. The brand is for all those who are not afraid to wear their rebellious streak on sleeve. Attiitude could have not found a better brand ambassador than Chris Gayle, who is one of the most destructive batsmen in international cricket, to be the face of the brand. In collaboration with, Attiitude has launched weekly awards for the best batsman, best bowler, and best fielder. Adding to this, Attiitude will acknowledge the best performance (in batting, bowling, and fielding) for the quarter. The awardees will receive attractive gifts from Attiitude which includes their top-quality merchandise.

Harsh Tank was awarded the “cricketer with attiitude” award for his fiery knock of 186 runs off 174 balls. His knock was punctuated with 15 fours and 7 sixes. Panel selected Harsh’s performance over others since this was a A divison match wherein his batting helped Payyade SC win against New Hind Sports club. 

The other contenders for this award was Karan Shah for scoring 100 of 60 balls in U/19 vindoo Mankad trophy and Vednat Gadia for scoring 220 runs. 

Attiitude will be back next week with a new winner, till then Cricketgraph and Attiitude signs off.


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