The Jamaican connect - Published by Deccan Herald

The Jamaican connect - Published by Deccan Herald

Cricketer Chris Gayle enjoys the IPL format of cricket for he feels it brings love and joy within the
sport itself. The sportsman likes to hang around with the younger lot in his team Royal Challengers
Bangalore (RCB) and is glad to get the opportunity to bond with them all.
Chris was recently announced as the brand ambassador for men’s apparel brand In a
chat with Anushree Agarwal on the sidelines of the event, he spoke about his team’s performance
this season, what keeps him going and more.
What do you want to say about RCB’s performance this season?
Well, it’s disappointing! Apologies to the fans for that. But at the same time, I want to tell them that
they’ve still supported us and the turnout has been brilliant, even though things weren’t going
according to plan. I want to tell them that this franchise will rebound and we’ll come back stronger
again. In fact, I will come back stronger.
Who do you share the best rapport with in the team?
I tend to spend a lot of time with the youngsters and chitchat
with them. I chill out a lot with Sarfaraz
Khan, Sachin Baby and Mandeep Singh.

How do you keep yourself energised and motivated?
My family keeps me going. Then there’s entertainment, I just watch TV and occasionally we go out
for dinner and have a drink as well. From the team point of view, we go out for gettogethers
after the
game and just enjoy each other’s company.

Do you miss your family back home?
My family is here with me. Not my parents, but my girlfriend and newborn baby girl. So I have
company. It’s really good and they keep me alive and kicking.

What do you like and dislike about Indian cricket?
It’s actually grown over the years, and they’re No 1 in Test cricket I think. I am thankful to the IPL as it
brings love and joy within the sport itself. There’s nothing I dislike, just losing in general I guess!

Did you try the food here?
I eat a lot of ‘butter chicken’ and ‘chicken kathi roll’. I’ve also tried the ‘Kerala fish curry’.
Have you watched any films here?
Not really, I get so caught up in cricket itself. I don’t get the privilege to devote time to a film.

So how do you spend your leisure time?
I go on social media, interact with my fans a bit and see some of the criticism I’ve been getting. Good
and bad are a part of the game and a part of life itself.

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