Summer is the time of the year when style simplicity reigns. The nuances of fashion and its many trends are generally skipped over at the height of the season – when temperatures are at their peak – with the majority of men opting for a more relaxed, casual approach to their daily attire.

Yet even though your outfits have been stripped back to the bare minimum, a few tweaks here and there will make all the difference to your look without sacrificing practicality or comfort.

Here are the top styles that every modern man should own:


Longline-loving, proportion-playing, silhouette-shifting pieces offer a way – despite their already popular status – to cut through menswear’s masses and make your style known. A dropped hem T-shirt, jacket or coat is a good place to start. Choose a length that’s slightly longer than what you’re accustomed to, wear it a few times, and then – in what’s not unlike a round of style-related gradual exposure therapy – add inches to your limit with longer pieces.



The boldest of our picks and thus the hardest to pull off, a bold coloured or printed vest is a guaranteed statement-maker and when worn with confidence can become the lynchpin of your casual wardrobe during high summer. They’re ideal for standing out at a festival or on the beach when taking a well-deserved break. Menswear certainly hasn’t shied away from print, pattern or colour of late so don’t be afraid to take it up a level with a sleeveless number this season.


For the past couple of seasons, men’s fashion has been obsessed with pattern and colour. With the modern male becoming more adventurous with their styling choices and the way they dress on a daily basis, the industry has responded by producing collections full of vibrant hues, bold prints and statement garments that are designed to draw attention

This season, white is being thrust into the spotlight. An extremely common colour choice for the majority of men, the classic white t-shirt and Oxford cloth button-down have long cemented themselves as wardrobe essentials that men continue to reach for, day in, day out.

However, all-white outfits are a much less common occurrence, and this is why the new white-on-white trend is set to make such a visual impact…

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