International Illest Battle 2017 with Attiitude

International Illest Battle 2017 with Attiitude

Krumping kicks the hip-hop tradition of dance battles up a notch. It's a freestyle dance form that's full-bodied, adrenaline-driven, and confrontational. although deep-seated in hip hop, it departs from the movement vocabularies of b-boying/ b-girling. The dancers are more interactive with each other, sometimes using physical contact and weight sharing.

The Illest Battle was born out of a mutual desire among the Madrootz, to create an international event in the capital of France. More specifically the wish was to reunite, for the first time, the two creators of Krump: Tight Eyez and Big Mijo, as well as the global Krump movement,turning the event into a major encounter for both its participants and for the audience, and thus turning it into a long-lasting, yearly gathering.
Besides the competition, the Madrootz highlight an educational aspect of Krump. To do this they include a conference retracing the history of the movement, led by the two creators, alongside a workshop teaching the dance itself.

Attiitude was proud to be a part of such event and such art form. We became the fashion partner of International Illest Battle 2017 in Paris. Here is a sneak peak of the event.International Illest Battle 2017

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