Wearing a hat is always fun, ‘cause all your future lies beneath your hat. Matching your cap to what you wear could be a fuss overtime.

We got just what you need all in monochrome to suit anything and everything you wear. There are Fitted, Snapback, and Strapback models.

Fitted caps come with a readymade size, while Snapback and Strapback are adjustable. Formerly Baseball caps were made in standard size. Snapbacks are the latter designs. Dad caps are those which has a curved brim. Until 1970’s baseball caps were considered taboo anywhere but the baseball fields, it is after the late 1970’s the caps evolved from homely to heroic.

The Flat snapbacks is a must for a street fashion follower. The unbent brim is a symbol of hip-hop fashion in many cities, such as New York and LA. You can see snapbacks worn by hip-hop Icons like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, to your hometown Rappers and TV artists, that is how far and widespread snapbacks are, making a great impact on the youth of this generation. Basketball fans sure do own a flat snapbacks anywhere around the world. Mac Miller even devoted one of his whole song to the hat: ‘Used to wear baggy clothes, now my clothes tailored, used to wear a fitted cap, now I rock a snapback.’

Unlike pro-style baseball caps or flat-brimmed snapbacks, the dad cap  also known as a floppy cap sports an unstructured crown and curved brim. Now, Dad caps are back in fashion. Icons like Justin Timberlake and Drake might have a handful. They have been spotted wearing Dad caps often.

Haven’t tried caps from Attiitude yet? Try now, it definitely adds an extra point to your attire. Caps available at Flat Snapback caps, Flat Strapback caps, Dad caps, and over 6 designs to keep your look classy in all your outfit.

Find them HERE.

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