The New-Fangled Norm Breakers of Attiitude: Chapter 1

The New-Fangled Norm Breakers of  Attiitude: Chapter 1

Orville Malcom Small a.k.a. Tchozn | Netherlands - Krump Dancer

A tale of an experienced dancer who has won International Salsa World Championship in LA back in 2004, and a Salsa + Krump choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance - SYTYCD (Poland).

            Born in 1971 to achieve what others fear, a daring stout-hearted personality from Canada, residing in Holland started his dance career late, around early 2000. A living proof for the saying that goes ‘Age is just a number,’ Orville Small started Salsa as a team building project with people at work which then later made him bag the World Championship in 2004 in LA. He has been dancing Salsa for over 15 years and Krump for 10 years now. The documentary movie called Rize which features the creators of Krump inspired and motivated him to do Krump. One of his students from Poland is 2-time kids world Krump champion whose age is just 9, which proves the old saying yet again.

When asked what thought strikes his mind when he thinks of Attiitude, he replied:

Attiitude has two meanings for me: A. With the right Attiitude your goals are endless,  that’s just 50% of the fight. Dedication, focus, and resilience are the triad of success. B.  Attiitude is a bold mark. I associate it with wearing my emotion on my sleeve, sometimes literally. Don’t be afraid to show what you stand for.

Fashion and lifestyle is what gives people an idea regarding who they perceive to be. We call it the first impression. If you want to make it in this world of entertainment, you need to have character. You need to show why you stand out from the rest. That’s Attiitude.

Distressed denim with contrast stitches, snapbacks, leather jacket are his favourite products from Attiitude.

Such a daring personality.

Florin Tiriboi | Romania - Bboy

Born and raised in Romania although left to Italy when 17 and then eventually moved to London, this Swipe and Flare machine is a hardcore bboy who has competed at Trophee Master and has bagged 1st place with the crew Nasty Breakers. He even reached top 16 in the world famous Red Bull BC One Romania qualifiers in 2014.

Flying steps  and Boomfunk MC in MTV 2001 is what inspired this talent to get into breakdancing, when breakdancing wasn’t really a big thing.

Started dancing in 2001, Tiriboi also performs for music videos, movies, and have also been the face of a campaign in Thailand for a cigarette company.

When asked what thought strikes his mind when he thinks of Attiitude, he replied:

Attitude to me means being yourself, being unique, fresh and having an individual style.

Well, I’d say life is short and you should always express yourself through your fashion and the way you live your life.


Alex Steklyannikov a.k.a. Stekasaurus | Brighton - Traceur 

The fashionable traceur born in St. Petersburg, raised in Brighton, found parkour completely by chance after noticing a dude watching parkour videos in college, his rebellious nature & consistency has led him to be one of the finest traceurs from Brighton. Being professionally trained for 7 years he says ‘I haven’t looked back since I started.’ This young prodigy says every new challenge is an achievement.

 When asked what thought strikes his mind when he thinks of Attiitude, he replied:

Have the right attitude towards everything you do and you will achieve it. Have the right attitude towards others and you will receive the same treatment. Approach everything in your life with the right attitude and you will be rewarded.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself when trying to pick the right style. Do not follow what’s trendy right now. Wear what you think looks good and appeals to YOU.


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