Attiitude! We all talk about attiitude, but how does one relate to this all powerful term?


Attiitude has various connotations in the society, however, there is no right or wrong in Attiitude. It’s a singular emotion that makes us what and who we are, helps us be ourselves and consequently, sets us free.  


Do our actions, our moves or how we dress, speak an attitude? Does what we wear say who we are?  


These and many such questions were being raised by a certain group of friends; long back young fashion aficionados, who were disappointed by with the lack of material definition of the term attitude, in the fashions they followed. They  desired to dress in attires which will speak their attiitude mind with absolute fairness.  


These young fashionistas wanted to be alternative. They knew they were different from the milieu and they wanted fashion that would reflect this, with honesty and resolve.


That’s how got its birthright.


At Attiitude, we love people who choose freedom over fame, running wild on life and blooming in their passions. We adore those who believe in living a life, extraordinary and making a mark which defies mortality.  


Our first collection of menswear celebrates such intentions. Each piece is designed and painstakingly crafted for the rebels of the world, whose byline of life is Alternative.

By Paromita Roy

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