Freestyling life: In focus Adonias Fonseca

Freestyling life: In focus  Adonias Fonseca


One man, many hats!  At the age of 22 Adonias Fronisca  has flourished  in freestyle football skills in both hometowns as well as in the international ground. Born in the Miraí city, Brazil in 1994, as a teenager he has participated in many television programs that got him quite a lot of attention from the sports fraternity. In 2010, he took part in his first championship, '' Football Tournament Freestyle '' performed by the program ‘’More You - Ana Maria Braga’’.He showed a lot of skill and was selected in the semi-final out of 16 other athletes. The program lasted for a month and his skill was judged by famous celebs :Falcon (Futsal Player), Carol Castro (actress), Lucio (Defender of selection), Claudia Leitte (Singer). Later he performed at HSBC Arena, Rio de Janeiro in front of more that 10 thousand people. After that time just flew for Adonias, and with time he got more and more better. In the year 2014, he recorded the commercial for Banco Bradesco. The commercial was aired in primetime on Globo and other networks. Adonias was also the cover of the Facebook Bank throughout the period of the World Cup. Next year, he will be on Gillette commercial along with the other Neymar player. The commercial was all inspired by the success of the current team of Barcelona. In the same year, he was a part of the Addidas commercial for Olympics 2016. All the scenes in the field were recorded by Adonias. He shared the  video with the Brazilian players: Gabriel Jesus (Palmeiras), Samir (Flamengo) and Marlon (Fluminense), in addition to Bia and Branca Feres sisters, the synchronized swimming.


Apart from being a media person, Adonias has quite a reputation in the field as a freestyler. In 2014, he participated in four official games of the World Cup, including the official opening: Brazil and Croatia (SP) and also in the final Germany and Argentina (RJ).The next year he was a part of the Cornflakes FreeStripCamp, a project that brought together students from six schools in São Paulo to compete championship Freestyle. On the same project in the year 2016, he recorded with Youtubers: Fred channel '' Desimpedidos '' and Christian Figueiredo channel '' Eu fiko Loko ' which fetched him more than 2 million viewers. With such impeccable participation and showing-off his skills, Adonias finally landed India to participate in Indian premier futsal league and played for Goa team.   Attiitude & Adonias

Adonias has been media friendly since he was a kid. He was a part of quite well know brand across the world. In the year 2016, he became the brand ambassador for, alternative fashion for men. He was part of a massive event across South India and quickly made millions of fans. With the collaboration with, Adonias is promoting alternative sports and fashion in across the world. Recently, he was invited in the Summer Olympics 2016 where he promoted Attiitude in the Olympics event along with his girlfriend Miss Brazil Internation 2015, Bianca Rodrigues.

 This young man has some serious talents and energy, at this age, he has won thousands of trophy and millions of fans. Surely, he is our gen next.   To know more about Adonias and his event check FACEBOOK/MYATTIITUDE & ADONIASFC.

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