When you achieve life after death: Bangalore Open Air

When you achieve life after death: Bangalore Open Air


What is it? Life after death! Bangalore hosted Asia’s largest and loudest death metal concert in July 2016. Bangalore Open Air, touted to be India’s only dedicated heavy metal, open air music festival, is back with its fifth edition. There were six bands lined up including metal bands from across the world. What is it for? Bangalore is known for its music and party loving people. So when it comes to music concert how come death metal take the back seat. So keeping the tradition alive, Bangalorean has come forward to make this event as the loudest and craziest concert ever. Being a metal lover and death worshiper you need to be real and should keep your Attiitude right. So Attitudes steps a foot forward and became the first clothing partner at the Bangalore Open Air.

Who was there? Legendary Polish Death Metal Band “Vader”. According to Billboard magazine, by 2002 Vader sold approximately 500,000 releases around the world.  In 2012, they won Heavy Metal Album of the Year (Album Roku heavy metal) for the song Welcome to the Morbid Reich; The famous Canadian heavy metal band Skull Fist; Nader Sadek  and the team from New York; The home bands were Inner Sanctum from Bangalore & Providence from Mumbai. And Severe Dementia from Bangladesh.   Attiitude Manifestation! Contributing to the alternative rock, Attitude was the first fashion partner of the event. While the bands were performing, metals were clinging and the crowd was headbanging. Attiitude showed a real time to these metal fans. Without the right Attiitude, you cannot enjoy or understand the beauty of Death metal. That's how Attiitude became an immortal part of the death event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klw4t03DEh0 For more videos from the concert go to YOUTUBE.COM / MYATTIITUDE

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